Why Metallic Pigment Powder Is All The Rage

As a resin artist, finding the right metallic hue to match your color combo makes your DIY heart springs to life, right? In this article we’re going to discuss why metallic pigment powders are all the rage, as well as displaying the most popular MEYSPRING metallic hues.

MEYSPRING Gilded Gold True Metallic Pigment Powder in this gorgeous Geode Wall Art created by Resin Artist @lamara_inspired_resinart. 

What Are Metallic Pigment Powders?

It’s important to clarify that mica powders in metallic hues and true metallic pigment powders are not the same. 

What Are Mica Powders In Metallic Hues?

Mica powders in metallic hues are not real metallic pigments but mineral pigment powders with metallic oxide coatings. Since mica is mostly transparent, these metallic coatings help provide an added metallic color and appearance. 

Mica-based pigments are also inert, non-reactive, and can not dissolve in almost any medium, making them hugely versatile! You can use our micas with epoxy resin, UV resin, acrylic paints, calligraphy inks, car paint, and even cosmetics such as eyeshadow, lip products, and blush. You can even decorate the surface of candles and color polymer clay with them.

Mica powder (and MEYSPRING mica pigment powders especially) are renowned for their shimmery metallic hues and pearlescent effects. 

MEYSPRING Silver Druzy Mica Powder beautifully combined in these resin coasters with our popular Rose Quartz and White Chalcedony by Instagram artist @letsstartpouring.

What Are True Metallic Pigment Powders?

Unlike micas, true metallic pigments’ golden or silvery appearance comes from real metals like aluminum, copper, and zinc powder. These types of pigments create a solid, shiny finish when mixed into the resin, which can result in a jaw-dropping “liquid metal” look and the beloved floating gold and silver effects.

However, these pigments don’t contain any sparkle or shimmer. As they are made out of naturally occurring metals (like aluminum, copper, and zinc), you’ll get an authentic metal appearance when the resin has cured.

With metallic pigments, the result will usually be opaque. Also, when the metallic powder is milled into a pigment, the tiny particles get various geometric shapes, mostly spheric, that won’t dissolve into any medium similar to mica powders with metallic hues. 

While Metallic pigment powders are FDA-approved and safe for external use on skin, face, and around the eyes, they are not suitable for soap making or permitted in lip products due to the risk of internal consumption. Learn more about Safety Guidelines when using MEYSPRING pigment powders here.

At MEYSPRING, we currently have two real metallic pigments in our catalog, both belongs to the Geode Art Collection:

But don’t worry! We plan to add many more hues soon.


What Makes Metallic Pigment Powders Special?

The shine, the luster, the fine texture, and the dynamism mica powders in metallic hues can bring to the table is nothing short of amazing. They can help make your project pop - be it silver, gold, bronze, copper, or rose gold. Micas in metallic hues provide pearlescent, shimmery, and eye-catching effects that help you create beautiful resin art pieces and creations!

On the other hand, whether you’re making resin coasters, end tables, resin paintings or any other epoxy art project that pops in your head, a true metallic pigment powder can provide that stunning metal floating effect and that truly melted metallic appearance for the most beautiful accents and highlights on your piece. 

And there are a few more things that make them extra special.

MEYSPRING Mica Powders in Metallic Hues are:

  • 100% Ethically Sourced: We do not buy from companies that exploit children as workers
  • 100% Vegan: No animal products in our mica
  • 100% Cosmetic Grade: Raw material, FDA approved to use in cosmetics for eyes, lips, skin, etc.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free: Never tested on animals
  • 100% Mineral Pigments: Made from muscovite flakes mostly coated with iron oxides and other naturally occurring minerals.

MEYSPRING true metallic pigments are:

  • 100% Vegan: No animal products in our metallics!
  • 100% Skin-safe: FDA approved for some cosmetics purposes, including eye area use. Not on lips.
  • 100% Cruelty-free: Our pigments will never be tested on animals

Being vegan, ethically sourced, skin-safe, and cruelty-free makes all of our pigment powders (whether they’re true metal or mica-based) a highly versatile option on the market. 

How Do You Use Metallic Pigment Powders?

True metallic pigments have a smaller micron size than micas, making most particles float in resin to create that popular floating metal effects. The best part is that you only need a small amount to color epoxy resin, so your 10g bags of our Gilded Gold or Sterling Lining will last you many projects!

You can use our true metallics and our micas in metallic hues with resin, acrylic paints, nail polish, mod podge, car paint, makeup applications and much more. 

Here are the three most popular applications for most types of metallic pigments: Kintsugi Art, Candle Making, and Polymer Clay. The first one refers to the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, also known as “Golden Repair”, where broken pottery is fixed with gold. It’s a beautiful way of transforming a fractured ceramic object into something even more precious than it originally was. Coloring wax and decorating candles surfaces are the two ways of using these pigments when making candles. And finally, we have polymer clay applications. You can brush metallic pigments onto your raw clay for a metallic appearance, use a texture sheet to provide a pattern, or even mix them with alcohol and spray them onto the clay, providing a startling eye-catching result. Check out our full article on polymer clay application here

Where To Buy Metallic Pigment Powders?

Right here! MEYSPRING has a wide selection of both mica pigment powders with metallic hues and true metallic pigment powders that can provide a gleaming, lustrous effect to any of your creations. Below you will find our favorite metallic hues.

MEYSPRING Bronze Stone - Mica Powder

metallic pigments

Bronze is associated with maturity, earthiness, growth, strength, and security. As you probably already know, it belongs to the family of browns (something like its fancier cousin). It’s a perfect addition to any project where you want to add an earthier, glimmering tone. You can purchase MEYSPRING Bronze Stone Epoxy Resin Color Pigment here

See what other artists create with this shade on Instagram: #meyspringbronzestone


MEYSPRING Pure Copper - Mica Powder

metallic pigments

Copper is a little like bronze’s warmer sibling. It’s a warm, comforting shade related to money, wealth, charm, beauty, and art. It’s a bit more down-to-earth than other metallic shades, such as silver, gold, or bronze, which makes it a perfect addition for a calmer art display. You can purchase your warm, cozy copper shade here

See what other artists create with this shade on Instagram: #meyspringpurecopper


MEYSPRING Silver Druzy - Mica Powder

metallic pigments

Silver or black? With our Silver Druzy mica-based pigment powder, you don’t have to choose. Black stands for sophistication, power, and authority. Silver, on the other hand, represents sleekness, glamour, and elegance. Both colors have matching meanings that align perfectly with high-end, sleek creations. You can purchase your own Silver Druzy mica pigment powder here

See what other artists create with this shade: #meyspringsilverdruzy



MEYSPRING Royal Gold - Mica Powder

metallic pigments

Gold is one of the most versatile metallic hues. It can be darker, brighter, more yellow. The latter is precisely what this lovely shade brings to the table: a color more reminiscent of happiness, creativity, sunshine, and spring, enhanced with the power and elegance of the metal. So if you prefer a happier, lighter golden color, this is for you. You can purchase your Royal Gold pigment here

See what other artists create with this shade: #meyspringroyalgold



MEYSPRING Geode Art Collection - Showcasing True Metallic Pigment Powders

metallic pigments

This collection contains the two true metallic pigment powders of our catalog: Gilded Gold and Sterling Lining. But you'll find also two tone mica powders and fine glitters that will help you create mind-blowing color combinations. Dazzling Diamond, Blue Calcite, Mystic Opal, Imperial Emerald, Gilded Gold, Sterling Lining, Dusklight Crystal, Indigo Obelisk, Opulent Tanzanite, and Sapphire Sparkle are the shades included in this beautiful, sparkling, dynamic collection. You can get your very own right here

See what other artists create with this collection: #geodeartcollection




Metallic pigment powders are all the rage and with good reason. For starters, you have the option between true metal powders, with an opaque, metallic finish, or the option of a shimmery, glossy effect with mica powders with metallic hues. These pigments make any creation stand out. The best part is that MEYSPRING’s micas and true metallic pigment powders are vegan, cruelty-free, and extremely versatile. You can work on epoxy and resin art, candles, mineral makeup, polymer clay, kintsugi art, and anything in between. Check out our range of mica pigment powder and metallic pigment powders to find the ones that match your metallic heart.

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