What are Mica Powders? - Why Artists Love It

Artists value versatile mediums and pigments that allow them to create more freely. So if you're an artist - whether expert or aspiring - we are excited to introduce Mica Powders: The mineral pigment powders that will revolutionize your palette. At this point, you're probably wondering: What are Mica Powders?

Mica is a rock-forming mineral, also called muscovite, famous for emitting a pearly or glasslike appearance. This mineral is finely ground to create a non-toxic shimmering powder with a distinctive natural sparkle. Due to this property and the fact that this mineral is non-reactive and does not dissolve in any medium, the powders are hugely versatile for any artistic project, from mineral-based makeup to paints or other arts and crafts projects. Other minerals like Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are commonly used to coat the Mica Powder and give it different colors and special effects as natural Mica is mostly translucent. 

You probably wonder why other artists love working with them now that you know what micas are. Keep on reading to discover it.

8 Reasons Why Artists Love Mica Pigment Powder

Let’s outline the 8 main reasons why all artists love mica powder. 

It’s Shimmery & Pearlescent

Like we already mentioned, mica pigment powder is famous for its glasslike and pearly appearance. These types of finishes can bring a special touch to any art piece. The overall look will be velvety, pearlescent, and shimmery. Allowing most colors to display a variety of different shades depending on the viewing angle.

It’s Extremely Versatile

Since natural Micas are inert, they can color almost any translucent medium allowing you to substitute your tube paints and create a fantastic palette of colors that can boost your creativity and bring your art pieces to life. 

Want to do metallic acrylic paint or watercolors? Mica pigment powders can help. Looking to create out-of-this-world epoxy art? Mica pigment powders are your best friend. You can even step away from the canvas and create car paint, calligraphy inks, or even decorate candles or polymer clay surfaces.


Talented woodworkers love micas as well to color their popular river tables and cutting boards made with epoxy resin. From clear silicones, varnishes, encaustic mediums to bike paints, with mica powders, if you dream it, you can do it - no matter what it is.

It’s Less Expensive Than Other Materials

For example, paint. A little bit of mica pigment goes a long way when coloring translucent paints like clear acrylics or varnishes. They won’t dry out, and can help you create amazing pearlescent effects that you don’t get with traditional acrylic paint. You’re getting more long-term value for your money in a single 50g jar of pigment powder than you would ever get out of a 12 or 20 ml tube of paint. For an in-depth comparison between both mediums, check out this article.

You Can Craft Cosmetics

Nail polish, eyeshadow, lip products, and blush. All of these can be crafted with mica pigment powders - in any shade imaginable. You can literally create your own makeup palettes, the way you always dreamed they would be, at a fraction of the cost. Artists can even create an art piece and match their makeup to it for a photo shoot or an opening show. Now you understand why artists love mica powders?

You Can Create Epoxy Resin Art

Our favorite use due to its versatility is epoxy resin art. You can build sculptures, coasters, hairbrushes, tabletops, decorative pieces… you name it! The brilliance behind epoxy resin art is that it can stretch as far as your imagination can take you. Imagine that for a second and tell us… aren’t you in love with mica pigment powders yet?

Dusting Wax Melts Silicone Molds with Mica Powder

Dusting Silicone Molds with mica powders is a very popular practice among resin artists as well and the results are amazing. 

You Can Create Amazing Effects

Special effects are a great way to bring any resin art piece to life. Specific effects, such as stunning cells and 3D effects, are easy to produce with mica pigment powders. Learn more here. If interested in a wide variety of these effects and lots of inspiration, visit our Instagram feed. And you'll see there's no limit when it comes to mica pigment powder's effects and possibilities.

They’re Non-Toxic

We mention it over and over again: mica is a natural, non-toxic, inert, non-reactive mineral. Sadly, other mediums can’t claim the same. Certain art products may contain harmful chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to use. But not with MEYSPRING mica powders! We work hard to ensure our products are vegan, cosmetic grade, and skin-safe (more on this below!). However, we always recommend following resin art safety guidelines at all times when mixing our pigment with Epoxy Resin.

They’re Skin-safe, Cruelty-Free, & Ethically Sourced


  • 100% Ethically Sourced: All MEYSPRING pigments come from reputable Non-Indian Suppliers to avoid any kind of human exploitation, such as child labor.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free: Our pigment powders have never been tested on animals.
  • 100% Mineral Pigments: Made from muscovite flakes mostly coated with iron oxides and other naturally occurring minerals.
  • 100% Skin-safe: FDA approved for cosmetics purposes, including eye and lips area.

The Bottom Line

Few art mediums are so versatile, cost-friendly, and creatively enabling as mica pigment powders. That’s why artists love them. With just one jar, you can create a plethora of different art forms: from cosmetics to paints, to sculptures, to epoxy resin art, and more. The world really is your oyster with these small, seemingly unassuming, pearlescent jars. Unscrew your creativity by picking lovely, vibrant colors that shine and shimmer in every art piece. You can shop all of our mica pigment powders right here!

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