What can I use mica powder for?

Are you looking for a versatile and colorful addition to your craft projects? Look no further than mica powder! A fine, natural mineral powder that comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for adding a unique and eye-catching shimmer to your creative projects.

Mica powder can be used in a wide range of crafty applications, including resin art, soap making, candle making, jewelry making, acrylic painting, mixed media art, scrapbooking, polymer clay projects, and more.

Now that you know there are many possibilities to create with this mineral pigment powders, you are probably wondering what Mica Powder is exactly, and how you can use it to take your creations to the next level. Let's dive in.

What is Mica Powder?

Natural Mica Powder flakes

Natural Mica flakes before being ground into powder.

Mica is a naturally occurring translucent mineral primarily composed of silicates. By grinding the mineral into a fine powder, Mica Powder is created. A highly versatile sparkling silky material that thanks to Mica's layered structure has unique properties, including excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, making it ideal for blending into almost any artistic medium, adhesives, or translucent paints. It is also highly reflective and has a shimmery or metallic effect. To make it even better, coating the fine mica powder with other natural minerals and metallic oxides provides an extravagant color variety. 

Colorful Mica Powders

MEYSPRING Two Tone Collection

Mica Powder Uses

Artists and Crafters looking to add special effects and sparkle to their projects have likely come across mica powder. Check below some of the applications artists give then in our creative community.

Mica Powder Resin Art

One of the most popular uses for mica powder is in Resin Art projects. The pigment can be blended into the resin to create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of art that shimmer and shine in the light. Simply add the mica powder to the epoxy resin of your choice and thoroughly mix until you get a homogenous colored medium. Then pour it into your mold or create a layout on your canvas or wooden surface.



You can also dust a silicone mold with mica powder as shown in the video below to add a silky finish. Then just add clear resin to fill the mold and voilà!


To learn more about creating movement and special effects in Resin Art Pieces using Mica Powders, check out this article. Or if you are experimenting with this fascinating medium for the first time, make sure to read our Beginner's Guide to Resin Art.

Mica Powder Soap Making

Mica powder can also be used to add color and sparkle to melt-and-pour homemade soap. Just mix the mica powder into the melted soap base before pouring it into your mold, and watch as your soap takes on a beautiful, shimmery appearance.

Melt and Pour Soap making with Meyspring Mica Powder Set

Melt and Pour Soaps made with MEYSPRING Pigments.

However, several micas are unstable in the high pH of raw cold processed soap like for example all our pigments in the Geode Art Collection. Therefore, we always recommend testing out a small amount of mica in a small amount of lye water to see if the color morphs or fades before coloring your entire batch.

You can definitely use all micas in our Gemstones Collection to color your soap-making projects, since they have been previously tested and are stable in the high pH of raw cold processed soap.

And here is the list of MEYSPRING pigments in the Two Tone Collection that work in cold processed soap:

Mica Powder Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Being a non-toxic mineral pigment, that's skin-safe, finely ground, and inert makes Mica Powder the perfect colorant for  cosmetics and personal care products. From body butters to DIY makeup recipes, micas are your best friend. Only for products intended to be used on the lip area, there are certain restrictions. You can check this blog article to learn more about FDA regulations and suitable micas for lip gloss.

Mica Powder Candle Making

Add a touch of sparkle to your homemade candles with mica powder. Mix the powder into the melted wax before pouring it into your candle mold, and enjoy the unique and colorful effect.

We have found some crafters advising against using mica powder to color the candles because this mineral pigment does not dissolve into the wax and its fine particles can clog the candle's wick, resulting in a smaller flame. But many people still use Mica Powder and they say it's perfectly fine. So we encourage you to read our blog article on how you can use Mica Powder in candle making, if you are interested in learning more about this particular craft.

Mica Powder Jewelry Making and Polymer Clay Projects

Mica powder can be used to add color and shine to a wide range of jewelry projects from epoxy resin, polymer clay, or UV resin jewelry. Mix the powder into resin or dust it onto the polymer clay surface for a shimmering effect. The possibilities are endless to make unique and sparkling pendants, beads, earrings, and other jewelry components.

Check this interesting technique from a Polymer Clay artist in our creative community:


Mica Powder Acrylic Painting

Mica Powders blend effortlessly into acrylic paints. However, translucent acrylic mediums are recommended because the pigment needs light to show its luster and metallic undertones. To add shimmer and depth to your paintings you just need to mix mica powder in. The powder will create a unique and textured effect that will make your artwork stand out. Learn more here.

Mica Powder Scrapbooking

Add a unique and eye-catching touch to your scrapbook pages with mica powder. Simply brush or sprinkle the powder onto your paper or embellishments for a shimmering or metallic effect.

Mica Powder Embossing

Create stunning embossed designs by mixing mica powder into your embossing powder. The powder will add a unique and colorful touch to your embossed designs.

Final Thoughts

As you have noticed, Mica powder is a versatile and creative material that can be used in a variety of applications. Whether you are looking to add a shimmery effect to your cosmetics, create a unique resin art piece, or make decorative candles, mica powder is a great choice. With so many colors and options available, the possibilities are endless. So, what will you use mica powder for?

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