White Pearl - Epoxy Resin Color Pigment - Mica Powder 50g

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MEYSPRING White Pearl Mica Powder Pigment is a mica-based pearlescent pigment specially formulated for Resin Art.


All shades in the Two Tone Collection are available in easy-to-use jars containing 50g of resin pigment. A little bit of this pigment goes a long way.

To achieve full opacity use the following ratio:

- Mix 1g of MEYSPRING pigment to 1oz of Resin, which is the same as using 3.5% pigment in the total amount of resin in your project. 

We always recommend starting with a little bit first and then increasing the amount of pigment up to 4% of your total amount of resin. More than that could affect the curing process.

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