MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month - March 2022

Congrats, Lunaries Candles!

We are delighted to present MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month: Sylvia Smialkowska of Lunaries Candles. She creates lovely handcrafted candles and gorgeous resin art pieces! The soothing color schemes, elegant embellishments, and incredible special effects make her artwork stand out in the Resin Art community! Her designs are impressive, with eye-catching patterns, astonishing depth, and 3D effects.

MEYSPRING Resin Artist of the Month - March 2022

Here at MEYSPRING, we're constantly amazed by Sylvia’s designs and genuinely happy to be a part of her artistic journey. So looking forward to seeing many more beautiful pieces from her!

Meet the Artist

We’ve gotten the insider scoop from Sylvia filled with great advice, what inspires her artwork, why she loves MEYSPRING Pigments, and more! Read on to learn more about this excellent, kind-hearted artist!

How long have you been working with resin?

I have been working with resin for over two years now. It all started with my admiration for the beauty of geodes created by artists on Instagram in late 2019. I was in complete awe, seeing what can be made with resin and how many additional embellishments can be incorporated into every piece.

Tell us more about yourself! 

I have always had an artistic nature being creative in many aspects of my life. In my early teenage years, my dream was to become a singer. My love for writing lyrics, even short poems, was lighting a fire within my inner being, developing an enormous passion for creating and the joy of sharing it with others. My passion for astronomy also hugely impacted my early life, awakening unstoppable curiosity and hunger for knowledge. 

Fast forwarding, I loved creating various cocktails and mixing ingredients to create an extraordinary experience for others by bringing them delicious mixed drinks with a well-balanced flavor. Another endeavor of mine started some 6 years ago when I initiated my small candle business, which thrives to this day. Collecting dozens of botanicals, glitters, and combining fragrance oils resulted in one-of-a-kind, beautifully decorated, and amazingly smelling soy candles with a wooden wick that delivers joy to many to this day.

What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments

When I first discovered their micas, I was so excited and amazed every and each time just by looking at them right after opening each jar. The shimmering and incredibly beautiful colors made me addicted instantly. After working with some colors initially, I fell in love even more by observing the stunning effects they can create! The cells, the compelling movements, density, and the 3D effects got me going being anxiously excited to see the final result of my work. 

What is very important to me and needs to be mentioned is that all MEYSPRING pigments are 100% Cruelty-Free in regard to human and animal treatment. All their micas are safe for your skin, so you can also use them for your make-up! I love eye shadows, and the richness of these beauties creates a literally eye-catching effect!

What is your favorite pigment color and/or color scheme?

There are so many MEYSPRING colors I adore! I consider myself a purple gall; therefore, I definitely need to mention Purple Amethyst, Violet Crystal, and Dusklight Crystal as one of my favorites. Olive Gold, Mystic Opal, and Shiny Malachite are my go-to green and gold color scheme. Pure Copper, Wine Red, Peach Gold, Mermaid Dust, and Turquoise Blue are all so incredible; I can go on and on and on bragging about all of them. 

Where do you find your inspiration and/or motivation? 

My inspiration comes from nature firstly. I usually improvise with all my work by picking the color palette and envisioning the possible “flow” of the liquid art. Usually, it is hard to predict the exact result (most of us are aware that resin likes doing whatever it wants to a certain degree), but with practice, we gain more insight into what to expect. I am relying on my imagination entirely, and also, looking at natural geode formations does the magic for me.

How much time do you dedicate to your resin art? 

As most of us are kept busy, combining our everyday life with a daily job must be challenging and demanding. So I try spending as much of my free time on art as possible, usually in the evenings, and staying up late until I feel my body needs a break from the busy day!

What are your goals for your artistic journey? 

My ultimate goal in creating art is to bring joy to others. Seeing the smiling faces admiring the beauty of my creations is the biggest reward for me. I will always create regardless of the circumstances that life may bring. Art gives me solace and joy. The self-expression is in itself calming and induces healing powers. I would love to expand the exposure of my creations through life events and social media. As time allows, I will definitely be carrying the beauty to others to see and surrounding myself with the colors of happiness.

Any words of advice for artists that are wanting to work with resin?

The biggest starting advice from me is to make sure you create your art in a safe environment, well-ventilated areas, and have your PPE (personal protective equipment) ready. Resin art may be addictive and lead to a fantastic journey, but we won’t get far if we won’t take essential precautions and take care of our safety first. I am a self-taught resin artist, and I learn as I go. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your work won’t meet your expectations at first. Rome wasn’t built in one day! Have your creative mind tapped in, go to nature, and spend some time outdoors if that is what you like doing. A creative mind needs fresh air and peace for the ideas to come through, at least in my case.

Pick your colors, glitters, stones, whatever you wish to work with, and give it a go! There’s a saying, “The sky is the limit” I disagree; it is not! You can go much higher than that! So take your fears and get rid of them, don’t let them stop you! In the end, they aren’t even real but only created by your mind! You see what you think, so think and envision what you want to achieve and experience in your life, and the results will come! 

On a different note, don’t compare yourself to others. You are special, you are unique, and your work will be as special and unique as it should be. There are so many resin artists out there, and every person is beautiful in their own way! That is the most amazing aspect of being an artist to me. However, there is only one YOU in the entire Universe. That will never change, so enjoy your journey, learn from others, and remember to be kind to all.


Congratulations again to Sylvia on winning March's MEYSPRING Artist of the Month!

To see more of Sylvia’s work, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @lunariescandles

Facebook: @LunariesCandles

Pinterest: @Lunaries

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