Blue Epoxy Pigments for Resin Art | 3 Jars Bundle

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Take your Beach-inspired creations to the next level

Get all the shades of blue you'll need to create stunning beach-inspired resin art projects. Easily combine our Pacific, Tropical, and Turquoise Blue mica powders to get the perfect resin seascape color gradient, outstanding special effects, and beautiful cells in your projects.

Great Blues to combine with Wood and Resin projects

This bundle of MEYSPRING blue pigments for epoxy is great for coloring wood & resin projects like epoxy tables, resin cheeseboards, coasters, or epoxy countertops. From navy blue pigment powder to tropical and turquoise resin color, any of these shades will result in a head-turning colored resin to combine with wood.

Pigments included in this Bundle:


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