MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month - November 2021

Congrats, Lisa Marie Art Designs!

We are immensely proud to introduce MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month, @lisamarie.artdesigns, aka Lisa Marie! She has an extraordinary talent to make her fascinating resin ocean scapes look effortless, adding mesmerizing depth and effects to her pieces. She also shares terrific in-depth tutorials and process videos with her techniques, tips, and tricks, which we’ve certainly learned a thing or two from!

MEYSPRING's Resin Artist of the Month - November 2021

At MEYSPRING, we're incredibly grateful to have become a part of her artistic journey this year, and we look forward to seeing her make the most out of MEYSPRING Pigments in future creations!


Meet the Artist

We’ve gotten the behind-the-scenes dish with all about Lisa, her work, and more! Read on to get to know this fabulous artist!

How long have you been working with resin?

I majored in computer art at the Savannah College of Art and Design and have had a professional career in the digital art field ever since. However, I have wanted to get back to creating art with my own hands for several years, which has been my passion since I was a little girl. So, in early 2020 during our first lockdown, I started researching new art forms and came across resin art. After months of watching tutorial videos, learning about what safety equipment I needed, and being inspired by the many talented artists sharing their work online, I finally started working with resin myself that summer.

Tell us more about yourself! 

I am a mother of two amazing little boys and have a full-time job as an Associate Creative Director. I am obsessed with being near or on the water, either swimming in a lake, wake surfing behind a boat, cruising around the Great Lakes, or relaxing on a beach. I realized pretty early on in my adulthood that I feel most alive on the water. I often joke that I must have been a pirate or a sailor in a past life. But in reality, the love for boating runs in my family. So when I discovered ocean resin art, I was instantly drawn to the idea of marrying art with my passion for the water.

What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments

I love using MEYSPRING pigments because not only are their pigments incredibly vibrant and very easy to work with, combining two or more of their colors in my work has led to some pretty fun results. I also really admire how MEYSPRING is so supportive of the artist and maker community. They are not just selling products, but they are also helping artists realize their dreams.

What is your favorite pigment color and/or color scheme?

This is a hard question because I would consider so many of the MEYSPRING pigments my favorite, lol. But if I had to pick one, that pigment would be Imperial Emerald. The richness of this color is unbelievable, and when it is combined with a blue pigment...oh my word!

Where do you find your inspiration and/or motivation? 

I know the answer is usually nature, but it is from other artworks for me. When I see a piece of art that makes my heart stop or that draws me in, I try to take what it is about that piece that I am so drawn to and think about how I could put that same “thing” in a new piece with my own creative spin on it. Of course, I never want to copy someone’s work, but finding inspiration in physical, digital, and printed art has helped me think outside the box. And for that reason, I absolutely love seeing what other artists and makers are creating, not just resin artists, but quilling artists, paper artists, sculptors, painters, and woodworkers.

How much time do you dedicate to your resin art?

Honest answer, maybe only an hour or two a day, if I am lucky. Being a single momma with a full-time job makes resin art come third on my priorities list. But I am so thankful to have resin art in my life. It has been an incredibly therapeutic and rewarding journey so far. Definitely, the best part is being a part of the wonderful artist/maker community that has embraced me since day one.

What are your goals for your artistic journey? 

Short-term goals are to start creating large pieces and learning more about woodworking. I love the combination of resin and wood and am slowly building out my own woodworking studio. Long term goals are to one day live in a coastal town, work as a full-time artist, teach others in a more hands-on format, and sell my art in a gallery near the beaches and marinas!

Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share and/or your most significant "Aha moment" you've had creating resin pieces?

My biggest “Aha” moment was realizing that working with quality products actually makes the resin art process much easier. Even investing just a little in this art form and working with high-quality pigments, resin and tools will save you money and time in the long run. Much of my early frustration, in the beginning, could have been avoided if I would’ve used quality supplies instead of just trying the cheaper options on the market.

Any words of advice for artists that are wanting to work with resin?

My first advice is to make sure you research the safety gear you should wear when working with resin. A proper respirator, gloves, and apron to protect your clothes are essential. Also, make sure that you read the labels before starting because the epoxy resin can be dangerous if not mixed/handled properly. After that, just have fun. Give yourself grace because it takes a lot of trial and error before you feel comfortable working with resin. Embrace the failures because that is when you learn and try not to compare yourself to other artists. Lastly, share your art with the world. It might be scary at first to put your art out there, but you have no idea how much your art will inspire others. 



Congratulations again to Lisa on winning November’s MEYSPRING Artist of the Month!


To see more of Lisa’s work, check out her following pages:

Instagram: @lisamarie.artdesign

Pinterest: Artist Lisa Marie

TikTok: @lisamarie.artdesign


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