MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - August 2023

Congrats, Elle Pours!

We’re delighted to bring to you MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month Winner for August 2023, Chantelle Kidd of Elle Pours! We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of Chantelle’s resin art journey from nearly the beginning. Watching her artistry and skills bloom into something magnificent has been nothing short of inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her!

Artist of the Month - August 2023

Meet the Artist

Keep reading to get to know Chantelle, see some of our favorite pieces she’s created with MEYSPRING Pigments over the years, and discover a wonderful tutorial to create a resin geode clock by Chantelle!

Check out this blog article, “How to Make a Resin Geode Clock,” featuring a step-by-step tutorial from Chantelle, along with helpful tips and tricks that can be applied to any resin geode application!

Tell us more about yourself!

I’m a hairstylist by trade and have been doing so for over a decade, and everything about the hair industry is art. It's all art from hand painting hair to carving shapes and movements in a head of hair.

I love creating art, experimenting with new ideas, web design and social media, video editing, studying analytics, filming, and photography. I also love craft beer, my cat, my family, and my friends. 

How long have you been working with resin?

I’ve been working with resin since 2020. I started creating coasters and trays with molds and worked my way up to art pieces.

My stepdad is a very talented woodworker, and when I decided to take my art to epoxy resin and wood, it was the perfect match. He started carving me table tops and unique canvas shapes, and I instantly connected my art style to these pieces.

What made you choose to use MEYSPRING pigments?

In the beginning stages of my epoxy journey, I started following many incredible artists on social media to gain inspiration and was in constant awe of their creations. I noticed that the majority of my favorites were using MEYSPRING pigments. I also noticed their work was not only in a completely different caliber altogether, but the pigment colors they used were vibrant and high quality.

I figured a great place to start bettering my work was to invest in the products these artists were using. After receiving my first MEYSPRING order, I got to work immediately and noticed the reactions to my artwork changed drastically. Obviously, it didn’t take me long to make my second order!

What is your favorite MEYSPRING pigment color?

I’m unsure if I have a direct favorite, but I know I’m a huge sucker for Charcoal Black. I’m naturally drawn to deeper artworks, so epoxy resin with deep, dark colors has my heart.

Charcoal Black on its own is to die for, but a little pinch mixed with any other tone - chefs kiss!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get much inspiration from everyday nature, minerals, and analyzing the decor in public spaces.

How much time do you dedicate to your craft?

I dedicate almost all of my free time to creating art. It’s my favorite part of the day. I spend about half of my art time on epoxy art: mornings before work, late nights after work, and weekends.

What are your goals for your artistic journey?

My goals for my art journey are fairly simple. I want to continue creating what brings me joy, hoping that someone out there will like it, too. Another goal is to continue inspiring and helping others through that journey! I’m always honored when people want guidance from me.

What is the most significant "Aha moment" while creating resin art?

Leveling my working surface… I wish I were joking. I’ve had a TON of “aha moments” during my epoxy journey, but you would not believe how many times I used to forget to level my work before pouring.

What advice would you like to share with aspiring artists?

My most significant piece of advice is to start with smaller projects. Not only does that give you the ability to understand the ins and outs of epoxy, but if something goes wrong, you’re not looking at a massive financial waste. 

Every single mistake will make you better, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and try to be mindful of knowing when you’re creating versus experimenting.


We hope you enjoyed meeting Chantelle, the deserving winner of the MEYSPRING Artist of the Month for August 2023. Again, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to her and look forward to continually being a part of her creative journey.

To see more of Chantelle’s work, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @ellepours

Facebook: Elle Pours

TikTok: @ellepours




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