MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month - January 2021

Congrats Anna Quartz Artist!

We are thrilled to introduce you to MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month, Anna Quartz Artist!

The woman behind Anna Quartz Artist, Bri Stein, is a vibrant, multi-skilled, inspirational, and tenacious artist. Here at MEYSPRING, we are so honored to be a part of her creative journey!

She does it all, from smaller projects such as trinket dishes and resin cheeseboards to gigantic commissioned resin geode art! Each piece is crafted and designed with beautiful color palettes, natural crystals, and finishing details that one can truly treasure for a lifetime.


Resin Art Journey

Bri’s work with epoxy resin artwork exploded into the limelight in 2020. From beautiful British Columbia, Bri’s focus on resin began during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Like for many of us, 2020 closed some doors but opened even more to people turning to their creative roots. Before the Pandemic, Bri was working as a makeup artist. As that industry was shuttered, she decided to delve into her other passion of creating resin art.

Her attention to detail, beautiful designs, sassy winks, and talent have turned her work into a viral sensation! TikTok has become a robust platform for creators and small businesses, and Bri’s videos have had MILLIONS of views, earning her a spot in the Top 5 Creative Videos in Canada in addition to helping her business take off even more!


Meet the Artist

We’ve spoken with Bri for a little behind the scenes insight that we are excited to share!


How long have you been working with resin?

I have been working with Epoxy Resin for just over 2 years. I was inspired by a video I saw while scrolling through Facebook! I was already an artist all my life, but the idea of a new medium excited me!


What is your favorite pigment color?

My favorite pigment color is MEYSPRING Violet Crystal. I have a soft spot for purples and violets, and they’re my favorite colors to work with.


What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments

I was gifted a few samples of MEYSPRING pigments when I first started using epoxy resin and I fell in love with the pigments. I also love MEYSPRING because they truly support artists and are such a kind company.


Where do you find your inspiration and/or motivation? 

My inspiration comes from everyday life. Whether it be in my dreams, the outdoors, or everyday things that I do. Color palettes inspire me the most. You can often find me in paint stores searching for color stories and inspiration from being surrounded by color!!!!


Any words of advice for artists that are wanting to create resin geode art? 

Respect your health, invest in proper safety equipment, experiment, and develop a unique style! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Art is all about discovery and practice!



Congratulations again to Bri on winning this month’s MEYSPRING Artist of the Month!

To see more of Anna Quartz Artist’s work, visit:

Instagram: @annaquartzartist

Tiktok: @annaquartzartist



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