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Here at MEYSPRING, we are all about inspiring artists and crafters of all skill levels to bring their resin art ideas to life! Our Social Media Channels like Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are magnificent platforms to share with the world all the beauty created with MEYSPRING Pigments by the wonderful resin art community we proud ourselves to nurture and empower every day.

You’ll find all kinds of topics, from the primary uses of MEYSPRING pigments to more in-depth HOW-TOs or useful tips and tricks for different creative projects. Just a continuous supply of ideas and unbelievable techniques from experienced resin artists you’ll definitely enjoy.

Visit our most popular Pinterest boards or the MEYSPRING Resin Art's Corner group on Facebook for more inspiration. Here on our website, you can find many interesting FAQs and Blog Posts as well.

Since we strive to do much more than just providing high-quality art and craft supplies, nothing gives us more of a sense of purpose in doing what we do than seeing our colors in all kinds of creative projects. From epoxy resin art, polymer clay, DIY jewelry, soap making, and candle creations, we love seeing them all!

We genuinely value each time an artist/crafter shares their work with us, and we LOVE showing off their work. Do you have any creations made with MEYSPRING pigments that you’d like us to showcase? Please reach out to us at any time via any of our social media platforms!

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is this mica cosmetic grade?

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