MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - March 2024

Congrats, Art Craft Resin by Nathalie!

Introducing MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month for March 2024, Nathalie Nilsson of Art Craft Resin by Nathalie! She is a Swedish epoxy artist who pours beautifully designed creations, specializing in bloom coasters and trays that wow with special effects! Formerly known as “Baby Peach Resin,” she creates gorgeously unique color schemes with MEYSPRING Pigments! As a nail technician by trade, Nathalie’s artistic talents cross many borders!

Meet the Artist

Keep reading to see some of our favorite pieces Nathalie has made with MEYSPRING Pigments and for our behind-the-scenes Q&A!

Tell us more about yourself!

Animals and nature are my family and home. They’re a big source of energy, love, and inspiration. A few years ago, I decided to buy a horse, build a stable, and paint it pink! Since then, I’ve rescued three circus horses, which has made me the happiest girl in the world!

What inspired you to become an artist? 

I’ve always been very creative and had an eye for colors and shapes since I was little. I fell in love with the magical feeling of being one with the flow, being able to create something beautiful, and the pride and excitement that comes with it.

How long have you been working with resin?

I've had my own company for 8 years, working with nails when I found resin about a year ago. I was absolutely obsessed and had to try it out! It was the perfect creative variation with nail art.

What made you choose MEYSPRING pigments?

I loved the incredibly vibrant colors and how they worked with resin. Many of the accounts I started following used MEYSPRING, so I wanted to, too!

What is your favorite color scheme?

I love how beautifully Charcoal Black, Pure Copper, and Turquoise Blue work together.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Nature, other artists, the day's vibe, or just what I’m curious to try.

How much time do you dedicate to your craft?

Unfortunately, it is less than I want because of my nail clients and a busy life outside resin. But I hope that will change in the future!

What are your goals for your artistic journey?

To create more and more beautiful pieces, learn all the different techniques, and be able to sell in stores and small, cozy places. I’d love to make a small name for myself around where I live.

What is the most significant "Aha moment" you've had while creating?

When I tried pouring on wood for the first time, I was so nervous to leave the safety of molds. I felt the most wonderful relief when I realized it wasn’t so difficult and that I was doing fine. I was so excited that I never wanted to stop!

Any advice, tips, or tricks for aspiring resin artists?

Keep the room temperature at the recommended heat for the epoxy. It makes a huge difference, trust me!


Congratulations again to Nathalie on winning MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - March 2024!

To see more of Nathalie’s work, check out her Instagram page:

Instagram: @artcraftresinbynathalie 

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