MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - December 2023

Congrats, Resin Art by Mariah!

We’re delighted to announce MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month for December 2023 and our final featured artist of the year, Mariah Taylor of Resin Art by Mariah. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Mariah exploded onto the resin art scene only a year ago. Her natural talent and eye for unique color schemes and designs have blown us away. She’s already created a stunning collection of resin geodes colored with MEYSPRING Pigments, and we can’t wait to see where her art takes her!

Meet the Artist

Check out some of Mariah's amazing work with MEYSRPING Pigments and read our exclusive behind-the-scenes Q&A!

Tell us more about yourself!

Beyond my captivating journey with resin art, I'm a mom to a lively 4-year-old who brings joy to every moment. Recently, I've rediscovered my passion for cosmetic tattooing, seamlessly blending my artistic skills with this form of self-expression after taking an extended time off for maternity leave. 

My love for exploration has taken me to various corners of the globe, enriching my understanding of diverse cultures. As a vegan for about 8 years, I weave my principles into my art and daily life, fostering a holistic connection with the world around me. This colorful tapestry of experiences and interests fuels my artistic endeavors, creating a harmonious balance between family, creativity, and a conscious lifestyle. I enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts, invigorating my body and creative spirit.

What inspired you to become an artist?

Creating resin art allows me to combine my cosmetic tattooing and makeup artistry background into a unique and expressive form. Through resin's fluidity and vibrant possibilities, I transform my artistic skills, crafting captivating pieces that embody beauty and transcend traditional boundaries. Each resin creation becomes a fusion of my expertise, bringing a touch of my cosmetic artistry experience into visual art, resulting in a harmonious and visually stunning expression of creativity. Art, for me, is a journey of continuous exploration—a dynamic interplay of colors, textures, and emotions.

How long have you been working with resin?

As of December this year, I have been working with resin for a year!

What made you choose MEYSPRING pigments?

I choose MEYSPRING pigments for my resin art because they infuse my creations with vibrant life. The range of colors isn't just eye-catching; it's like a burst of energy in every piece. I appreciate their selection, making each pour a delightful journey of artistic expression. The lasting brilliance is truly impressive – my art maintains its stunning allure over time. MEYSPRING isn't just about pigments; it's about unlocking a world of colors and possibilities that perfectly align with my creative vision.

What is your favorite pigment color or color scheme?

I love using anything with green and gold! My favorites are Imperial Emerald, Shiny Malachite, Olive Gold, and Gilded Gold!

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration for resin art often stems from the dynamic interplay of nature's elements: the dance of colors in a sunset, the intricate patterns found in geodes, or the soothing flow of water. Additionally, the diverse cultures and landscapes encountered during my travels infuse a rich tapestry of ideas into my creations. Ultimately, my inspiration is a fusion of the world around me, from everyday life's most minor details to the natural world's grandeur.

How much time do you dedicate to your resin art?

I usually dedicate around 2 hours a day, around 5 days a week.

What are your goals for your artistic journey?

In my artistic journey, my goals are multifaceted. Firstly, I aim to refine and innovate my resin art techniques further, pushing the boundaries of creativity and exploring new avenues for expression. I aspire to create a cohesive body of work that reflects my unique artistic voice, blending influences from cosmetic tattooing, makeup artistry, and diverse life experiences.

Beyond personal artistic growth, I envision sharing my passion and skills through tutorials, contributing to a vibrant and supportive creative community. Additionally, I hope to participate in more exhibitions, allowing my creations to connect with a broader audience and inspire others to explore the transformative power of art. Ultimately, my goals center around continuous learning, creative evolution, and leaving a positive impact through the beauty and uniqueness of my resin art.

What was your biggest "Aha moment" while creating resin pieces?

One of the most significant "Aha moments" in my resin art journey occurred when I realized I could incorporate my background in cosmetic tattooing and makeup artistry into my creations. It was a moment of profound insight where I realized that my expertise in enhancing natural beauty could transcend and manifest in the world of resin.

This discovery opened new artistic possibilities and enriched my creations with a unique blend of precision and creativity. It was a transformative realization that bridged two seemingly distinct worlds, creating a harmonious synergy in my resin pieces that continues to shape and define my artistic identity.

What advice would you like to share with aspiring resin artists?

Embrace the Learning Process: Resin art is a continuous learning experience. Embrace mistakes as opportunities to refine your skills and discover new techniques.

Experiment with Pigments: Be bold in exploring a diverse range of pigments. Mix and match colors to discover unique palettes that resonate with your style.

Patience is Key: Allow each layer to cure thoroughly before adding the next. Patience ensures a flawless finish and prevents unwanted reactions between layers.

Create a Controlled Environment: Minimize dust and debris by working in a clean, controlled space. This simple step can significantly enhance the overall quality of your resin pieces.

Invest in Quality Materials: Choose high-quality resin and pigments. Investing in good materials ensures a smoother process and superior results.

Develop Your Style: Let your personality shine through your creations. Experiment with various styles and techniques to discover what resonates with you.

Connect with the Community: Join resin art forums or social media groups to connect with fellow artists. The exchange of ideas and experiences can be invaluable in your artistic growth.

Your resin art journey is as unique as your creations. Enjoy the process, stay curious, and let your imagination guide you.


Congratulations again to Mariah on winning MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - December 2023!

To see more of Mariah’s work, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @resinartbymariah

Pinterest: resinartbymariah

Facebook: Resin Art by Mariah




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