MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - August 2022

Congrats, Judy from Skinvas Art!

When it comes to unique pieces of resin art made with enjoyable techniques and custom shades made with MEYSPRING Pigments, we inevitably think of Judy Irizarry from @skinvasart! She’s the queen of chic resin coasters, revealing incredible special effects and elegant color schemes. This Miami-based resin artist and her proprietary style have captivated our hearts, and we are confident it will enchant yours as well.

MEYSPRING Artist of the Month

Meet the Artist

We’ve gotten the behind-the-scenes dish with all about Judy, her artistic journey, and recommendations for beginner resin artists! So if you want to learn more about this incredible artist and even glimpse some of our favorite pieces she’s created with MEYSPRING Pigments, read on!


Tell us more about yourself!

I was born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida. When I was a kid, I loved drawing and painting; however, my creative passion went on a different avenue. Nowadays, I’m a professional makeup artist. I’ve had an incredible career working on photo shoots, fashion shows, commercials, and the bridal industry. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to cool places worldwide and worked with well-known celebrities.

I also enjoy crafty hobbies; one of my longtime hobbies is making soap. I enjoy spending a day at a nice spa or sitting on the beach listening to the ocean when I'm not creating. 

How long have you been working with resin?

I’ve been working with resin since 2020. To keep me motivated & inspired, I started creating art as a form of therapy. Initially, I was playing with fluid art, leading me to resin. Once I tried it, I was immediately hooked. So I started learning all I could about resin art. After 2 years, I’m still learning. It’s a constant journey of discovery. 

What I love about resin is that each piece you create is unique, even if you follow the same recipe or formula. It’s temperamental and uncertain, much like life, but you can learn to navigate it and create so much beauty. I feel I can capture a moment in time forever in each resin piece I create.

What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments?

The first pigments I ever used to practice were some old cosmetic eyeshadows I had. But that can get very expensive and doesn’t make sense when creating things on a larger scale. 

One day I was browsing through Amazon looking for art pigments and came across MEYSPRING. I was instantly attracted to the brand's aesthetic. I saw they had large tubs of pure mica powders for an affordable price, so I purchased the sample packs to try them out. I was used to working with mica powders and was highly impressed with the quality and packaging. 

Once I tried them, they became my favorite pigments because I always get beautiful results and a superior luster in my resin art. A major plus is that I can use these pigments as eyeshadows in my makeup artistry work. So it’s a double win for me.

What is your favorite pigment color and/or color scheme?

It’s tough to choose one color. I tend to be attracted to neutrals and incorporate a splash of color here and there. My most used MEYSPRING pigment is White Pearl because I use it as a base to mix it with other pigments and create my own neutral shades. Another pigment I can’t be without is Gilded Gold; it’s the perfect liquid metal gold.

Where do you find your inspiration and/or motivation?

My inspiration comes from two sources: Nature, with the beach, foliage, metals, and stones, and second is the Beauty industry, with all of its glamour, glitter, and glitz.

How much time do you dedicate to your resin art?

I dedicate time to creating when I’m not working on my days off and usually in the evenings. It’s literally an addiction.

What are your goals for your artistic journey?

I never thought my resin art hobby would turn into a small side business. Even though I’ve had an extraordinary career in makeup artistry, I’m working towards making art my new career and full-time business.

What is the most significant "Aha moment" you've had while creating resin pieces?

My big “Aha moment” came to me last year. Once I opened up my art Instagram account, I started getting so much support from my clients, friends, and people I had never met before. I realized I needed to put the same confidence I have in my makeup artistry into my resin art. I saw that I could turn this hobby into something I’d been asking the universe for, a new passion and vision for my life. I can work from home doing what I love.

What advice, tips, or tricks would you like to share with aspiring resin artists?

Aside from advising new artists to practice continually, one important thing I can suggest is to find your voice. Finding your own style and aesthetic is something we all can struggle with. We look up to so many incredible artists that it can feel like you have a long way to go, but the fun & wisdom is in the journey. 

What helps me is to experiment and incorporate things I enjoy working with the most. Listen to your inner self and do what makes you happy and feel proud. Come up with your own methods and embrace your uniqueness. The cool thing about resin art is that even if we all use the same pigments or similar techniques, your perspective is what makes it special.


 Congratulations again to Judy on winning MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - August 2022!

To see more of Judy’s work, including her makeup artistry, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @skinvasart




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