Rose Quartz - Epoxy Resin Color Pigment - 50g

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MEYSPRING Rose Quartz Mica Powder Pigment is a high-quality mica powder pigment specially formulated for Resin Art.


All shades in the MEYSPRING Gemstones Collection are available in easy-to-use jars containing 50g of resin pigment. A little bit of this pigment goes a long way.

To achieve full opacity, use the following ratio:

  • Mix 1g of pigment to 1oz of Resin**, which is the same as using 3.5% pigment in the total weight of resin in your project. 

We always recommend using 1-3.5% of pigment powder in the total amount of Epoxy Resin in your project by weight. The greater the percentage of pigment you use, the more saturated the final color will be. Adding more than 4% of pigment to any resin could also affect the curing process.

**We highly recommend testing this pigment with your choice of epoxy resin before applying it to your project. This pigment may be affected by certain brands like Ecopoxy and Liquid Glass that change the Rose Quartz pigment into a golden color during the curing process. 

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