RIO FLOW - Deep Pour Epoxy Resin - 1.06 Gallon Kit (4L)

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Product Features

RIO FLOW is the woodworkers’ favorite. Specially formulated for thicker pours and is ideal for creating River Tables and encapsulating floral designs or larger objects!
With a benchmark low viscosity index, it gets to every corner and crease, avoids bubbles, and releases them from tight places.

1.06 Gallon Kit (4L):

  • 3L Part A (Resin)
  • 1L Part B (Hardener)

Mixing Ratio:

  • 3A:1B

Ideal for creating:

  • Deep Pour Projects
  • River Tables
  • Woodworking Projects
  • Flower Conservation Projects
  • Casting Molds

Features we love:

  • Unique UV Resistance technology to protect from yellowing under normal conditions
  • Free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No BPA
  • Water-like transparency and Super Glossy finish
  • Low viscosity to avoid trapped bubbles
  • Ratio 3:1.
  • Initial dry time 45 min.
  • Working time 3-5 hrs.
  • Re-coat window 12-14 hrs.
  • Pour thickness 1.5”.
  • Hardness Shore D: 75-77.
  • 80°C deformation point.

Fulfilled by Resin Art Flow

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