Synthetic Mica vs Natural Mica Powder

Glitter, shimmer, and shine. Nothing beats the uniquely brilliant and sparkling effect the reflective particles of natural Mica Powders provide. Except when it comes to Synthetic Mica Powders! 

In this article, we will discuss the main differences between Synthetic and natural Mica Powder and address frequent questions from our creative community.

What is Synthetic Mica Powder?

Mica Powder is a non-toxic, naturally occurring mineral ground into a fine, shimmering dust-like substance and coated with other minerals to create the most vibrant colors. These powders are known for being inert and emitting a pearlescent or glasslike appearance, making them hugely versatile in many art and craft forms. 

But technology nowadays has made it possible to produce a synthetic version of this mineral in a lab: Synthetic Fluorophlogopite – more widely referred to as  Synthetic Mica. Since the purity of this compound is higher, brighter colors can be achieved compared to natural Mica while keeping its inert properties and versatility intact. On top of that, you get distinctive flake sizes that increase the pearly, shimmery, and reflective effects, making this synthetic mica glitter the perfect alternative to traditional polyester glitters when it comes to adding sparkling highlights to your creative projects.

MEYSPRING Dazzling Diamond Synthetic Mica Powder

MEYSPRING Dazzling Diamond - Synthetic Mica Powder

Despite being a human-made substance, synthetic Mica is an environmentally-friendly alternative to common plastic glitters. 

Now that you know synthetic mica glitter is an enhanced version of the mineral micas, you're probably wondering if it is also as versatile as natural micas when it comes to different applications.

Synthetic Mica Glitter applications

Synthetic micas are as versatile as natural micas so you can use them to add that wow-factor to all kinds of creative projects like Nail Art, Resin Art, or Polymer Clay creations. They are inert and can withstand high temperatures so they are even great for ceramic projects or glass art.

Nail Art made with Synthetic Mica Powder

*Nail Art made with white synthetic mica powder. 

Is synthetic mica skin-safe and cosmetic grade?

Since these glitters/pigments are created in a lab setting to be nature identical, the purity is higher than in natural pigment powders as we mentioned above. At MEYSPRING, we ensure that the colorants used in our synthetic micas are safe for your skin so you can also use them to color your DIY makeup recipes.

While natural mica has jagged edges, its synthetic version has very smooth edges, meaning you can use a much larger particle size of the synthetic to accomplish something much sparklier. If you were to use the same particle size of natural mica this would feel uncomfortable around the eyes for example.

Where to buy synthetic mica?

We are so proud to introduce our white synthetic mica glitter:

Dazzling Diamond Fine Glitter

This white, snowy glitter powder is like adding crushed diamonds into any project. The elegant sparkle is unmatched by any other and can make any project a head turner. You can even mix it with other pigments and add that unique shimmer to your piece.

Whether it's creating your own paints, coloring your epoxy resin art, or even making DIY mineral cosmetics, our unparalleled Dazzling Diamond synthetic mica powder has you covered. It is:

100% Vegan

There are no animal products in our synthetic mica - and there never will be. We are a fully vegan brand committed to creating the best products possible. 

100% Non-toxic and Cosmetic Grade

Our raw materials are FDA approved and can be used in all sorts of cosmetics. You can go crazy creating new skin and eye and lips makeup options!. 

100% Cruelty-Free

We have never tested on animals. And we never will.  

Final thought

There's no denying that the glittery, iridescent, and eye-catching effects of synthetic micas are something to behold. Every single artist can benefit from using Mica glitters in creative projects. The only limit is your imagination, from resin to nail polish and car paint to DIY makeup! MEYSPRING'S vegan, skin-safe, and cruelty-free synthetic mica powder is bound to make anything you create memorable and unique.



I would like to see the synthetic mica in all basic colors. It would add great dimensions to a lot of art projects.

Will Eckhardt

So far plays nice in the flame and in the kiln.

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