MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month - April 2021

Congrats, Pour Girl Art!

Susan Day and her kids (Second from Right)

Pictured- SUSAN DAY (2nd from Right) with her children

We are excited to share with you MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month, Susan Day - Pour Girl Art! Susan, an Iowa-based epoxy artist, has helped us bring something new and exciting to the resin art world - The Geode Art Collection by Pour Girl Art! Her expertise in teaching online art classes and a natural eye for beautiful color schemes have been the foundation for bringing this collaboration to life.  “The Pour Guide” included in this MEYSPRING Collection is an excellent online course on the fundamentals of creating beautiful resin art and shows off Susan’s skill and passion for what she does. 

Susan is an exceptional and hardworking artist! She’s balanced a regular job and family life all while putting in an immense amount of work behind the scenes, pouring her passion into this Collection - no pun intended.  At MEYSPRING, we are proud to be partnered with such an outstanding and dedicated artist!


She creates a wide array of beautiful and unique pieces. In addition to her signature Geode creations, she does everything from celled coasters, trays, travel mugs, and most recently, creating cones from a silicone tray mold, all with gorgeous color combinations. We enjoy watching her find ways to use different molds and concepts and adapt them to her style!


Meet the Artist

We’ve spoken with Susan for a bit of Q&A about her work!

How long have you been working with resin?

Since August of 2019, when I started coating my acrylic pours with resin. After that, it didn't take long for me to transition over from working with acrylics to resin.


What is your favorite pigment color?

I really don't have a favorite color. I tend to gravitate towards cool colors: blues, purples, greens, and teals—also, neutrals like of my favorite elements of the earth while also adding that gorgeous shimmer!


What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments

I had been using some cheaper pigments when I discovered MEYSPRING. The difference was astounding. I found I could produce a wide variety of effects with the MEYSPRING pigments. So it's the quality that I love.


Where do you find your inspiration and/or motivation? 

Inspiration and motivation are two entirely different things. 

Inspiration can be found anywhere. You never know what might inspire you. Nature, paint chips in a big box store, the shape of a cloud.

Motivation, however, takes discipline. You have to work on your skills and practice to become proficient. Just like any other skill, you can't expect to reach any level of expertise without practicing regularly.


Any words of advice for artists that are wanting to create Resin Art? 

Stop being afraid to try new things, experiment, and make mistakes. If you aren't failing, you aren't challenging yourself enough. The only way to learn is by doing. So go do it.




Congratulations again to Susan on winning this month’s MEYSPRING Artist of the Month!



To see more of Pour Girl Art’s work, visit:

Instagram: @pourgirlart



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