Ocean Resin Art with DIY Pigment Paste | Tutorial

Creating stunning pieces of artwork inspired by the beauty of the ocean is a popular form of resin art that many artists and enthusiasts aspire to, but achieving the perfect resin waves can be challenging for beginners. Ocean art experts believe your choice of white resin pigment paste is the most critical factor in making frothy and foamy waves. However, a little bit of practice and the appropriate techniques are also essential to ensure a successful outcome.


DIY Epoxy Pigment Paste

After witnessing our customers struggle to find the perfect epoxy pigment paste for resin ocean art, we decided to create our 2-ingredients DIY formula for a pigment paste that’s easy to make and quickly delivers the sought-after lacing effects.


Check out our blog article to learn how to make epoxy pigment paste for resin waves and start making your own as you go instead of purchasing a bigger-than-needed container that, if unused, might dry out.

How to make extraordinary resin waves?

Experienced resin ocean artist, Amy from Coral Way Designs, has tested our epoxy pigment paste formula and just loved it. So we worked together on a tutorial demonstrating how to use it to create the most exquisite resin waves and foam effects. 

You can check it out in the video below. We have also included some crucial tips and tricks to ensure you get the best results when experimenting with this fascinating technique. So enjoy our detailed step-by-step guide, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you take your ocean-inspired resin art to the next level:

  1. Coloring Resin with Pigment Paste: Start by coloring your clear resin with our DIY resin pigment paste, which you can make using MEYSPRING White Pearl Mica Powder and Resin Part A. Our formula is ocean-artist-approved and guarantees excellent results. First, add a small amount of epoxy pigment paste and stir until it is completely incorporated. Then, you can add more gradually until you achieve the desired opacity and intensity.
  2. How to pour Resin Waves: First pour a layer of clear resin where you want your lacing and foam effect, then add the white-colored resin next to the transparent resin. Pour less if you wish to create delicate waves or more if you want a prominent frothy look. You can then use a heat gun and torch to move the white-colored resin around and make the desired wave effect.
  3. Applying Heat: Avoid staying in one spot too long with heat or a flame. This can cause the resin to burn, turn yellow, and feather. 
  4. Allowing Cells to Develop: Always allow the resin to sit for a few minutes before applying more heat if needed, and you’ll see how cells will start to develop on their own.

Final Thoughts

Our unique DIY pigment paste makes creating beautiful resin ocean art more straightforward than ever. And following the video tutorial and tips above, you can master the resin ocean art game in no time. So why wait? Learn how to make DIY epoxy pigment paste and start creating your resin ocean art piece today!

We can’t wait to see what you create! If you want to learn more about this resin art form and see the incredible beauties other artists in our community create with MEYSPRING Pigments and epoxy resin, check out our blog article “How to Make Ocean Resin Art | Step-by-step Guide.”

To see more of Amy's artwork, check the links below:

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