How Much Mica Powder in Resin?

If you're a resin art enthusiast or a crafter looking to add the shimmer and special effects of Micas to your epoxy resin projects, you may wonder how much you need. The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the color of mica powder, the desired opacity level, and the amount of epoxy resin you're mixing.

In this article, we'll break down the process of coloring your epoxy resin projects using mica powder and even provide a Mica Powder to Resin Calculator that will help you estimate how much mica powder you need for your resin adventure. Make sure to save or bookmark this article for quick access to our calculators! Let’s get started!

How much mica powder in epoxy?

Mica powder is a very fine particle, mineral-based colorant that’s highly pigmented and comes in various shades and finishes, from vibrant hues and metallics to iridescent. It's often used in artistic applications to add shimmer and sparkle because it doesn’t react or dissolve into almost any medium, so the particles stay suspended, reflecting light from various angles. On the other hand, Epoxy Resin is a two-part adhesive that hardens into a durable, transparent, water-like coating.

Mixing mica powder with epoxy resin allows you to add a wide range of colors and effects, from subtle hints of shimmer to bold movement or fully opaque metallic finishes. While there is no exact mica-to-resin ratio when coloring epoxy resin with these colorants, the good news is a little bit of mica powder goes a long way. So most artists, woodworkers, and crafters only need to add 0.5% to 3% of mica powder to the total amount of resin by weight to achieve the desired finish. However, keep in mind that adding more than 4% of pigment to some resins might affect the curing process.


Tip: We always recommend using a cup/container that’s white or clear to mix your epoxy and mica powder. Hence, it’s easier to see when you reach the desired opacity level, special effects, and color intensity you are looking for.

How much mica powder per ounce of epoxy?

For your convenience, we have created this unique calculator so you can better estimate how much mica powder will be needed for small projects of up to 16 ounces of resin. Simply select the number of ounces you’ll use in your epoxy resin adventure and the desired opacity level you are trying to achieve. Then, our calculator will estimate how many grams of mica powder you’d need.


Tip: 0.50 grams of mica is roughly equivalent to 1/8 tsp. And 1 tsp is about 5 grams of Mica. So each 50 grams jar of any MEYSPRING Mica Powder pigment contains about 10 tsp.


Mini Measuring Spoons

We recommend using Mini Measuring Spoons to estimate the appropriate amount of pigment for your project as a visual reference. See below the most standard sizes available:

1/4 tsp - Tad

1/8 tsp - Dash

1/16 tsp - Pinch

1/32 tsp - Smidgen

1/64 tsp - Drop

As a general rule of thumb, you can start by adding a small amount of mica powder to your epoxy resin mixture and gradually increase the amount until you reach the desired effect. For example, a good starting point when aiming for a fully opaque finish is to use approximately 0.5 grams or ⅛ tsp of mica powder per 1 ounce of epoxy resin.

However, remember that the amount of mica powder needed may vary depending on the type of mica. For example, darker MEYSPRING micas are usually more concentrated than lighter ones and may require less powder to achieve the same effect.

How much mica powder per gallon of epoxy?

The more resin you mix for your project, the less pigment per ounce you’ll need to get a fully vibrant color and beautiful special effects. You can use the calculator below to understand better how many teaspoons you’d need to color a project this size and get the desired opacity level.



Here is a breakdown using a 0.5% ratio:

1 Gallon of Epoxy = 128 oz

0.5% of 128 oz = 0.64 oz

Ounces converted into grams:  0.64 oz = 18 g of Pigment or about 2.5 tsp.

How much mica powder for River Tables?

Of course, the greater the amount of pigment you add, the more opaque the final color will be. But the bigger the project, like river tables, the less pigment powder is required per ounce of epoxy resin to achieve a vibrant, fully opaque result. For example, see below what most of our customers do to color 30L or 8 gallons of resin in river tables:

  • For a translucent look: 1.5 teaspoons of Mica Powder per 30 Liters or 8 Gallons. This amount of pigment will allow you to see through the epoxy and still see some detail on the live edge.
  • For an opaque look: 3 teaspoons of Mica Powder per 30 Liters or 8 Gallons. This amount of pigment will remove the ability to see the live edge, and you won't see through the epoxy.

Final thoughts

As discussed in this article, Mica Powder is an excellent color additive for almost any resin application, and the possibilities to create mesmerizing special effects are endless. The recommended ratio is between 0.5% and 3 % of pigment in the total amount of resin by weight. But MEYSPRING micas are highly pigmented, and a little bit goes a long way. So most artists and crafters don’t even measure it once they get used to these amazing pigments. But if you are getting started and want to quickly estimate how much mica is needed to get the expected results, using our Mica Powder to Resin Calculators above is a straightforward way to go.  

If you want to learn other techniques and tips for crafting with epoxy resin, we invite you to explore our blog. Topics include choosing the most suitable epoxy resin for your project, creating amazing special effects with epoxy resin, and even a beginner's guide to resin art

We hope you find this article helpful and can’t wait to see your creations using MEYSPRING micas to color your epoxy resin adventures! Tag us @meyspring on any social media channel to see your results. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.



greatly appreciate the blog, love the product, however I think there is a typo above on the 1 gal project calculation. 18 grams/1 gal at 5 gramps/tsp would be about 3.5 tsp (blog says 2.5 tsp)

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I just wanted to do a table the river traveling I couldn’t figure out how many gallons of the pasta I need it and what do I need to make it class you just told me everything thank you so very much I’ve been trying to figure this out in months now thank you so much and I know exactly what I need

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