Introducing MEYSPRING's Geode Art Challenge

Here at MEYSPRING, we enjoy seeing so many artists of all types create exceptional resin art pieces with the epoxy pigments in our Geode Art Collection by Pour Girl Art

So, to keep things fun and inspire people to try something new, we’ve created the Geode Art Challengea fun, color-filled challenge for you to get creative with just a few blindly selected MEYSPRING pigments.

Let's reveal how easy it is to create expert-level color combos with the pigments in the MEYSPRING’s Geode Art Collection. Each of them harmonizes and complements every other perfectly, so no matter which colors you choose or how many, you’ll always get magnificent results!

Ready to take on our challenge?

The Geode Art Challenge

Time to challenge yourself! Partake in MEYSPRING's Geode Art Challenge and get 20% OFF your next order at

  • Get out a blindfold, close your eyes, or look away - no peeking allowed and choose 3-4 pigments from the Geode Art Collection. 
  • Now that you have your colors picked out, you can create anything you’d like, such as resin coasters, canvas painting, trinket dish, resin tray, or resin wood project. Other mediums like acrylic paints or alcohol inks are also welcome and embellishments such as gold flakes, shells, crystals, and stones.
  • Share the results on Social Media, tag us, and use the hashtag #GeodeArtChallenge
See detailed instructions below:


Get 20% OFF your next MEYSPRING order!

Each participant completing ALL steps described below will receive a 20% discount code to redeem at and the chance to be featured on our social media pages and blog!

Share your Geode Art Challenge process and results in a single Instagram Reel/video, or TikTok with the following:

  1. Get out your MEYSPRING Geode Art Collection
  2. Blindly pick out up to 4 colors - No cheating or peaking!
  3. Create your artwork - any style you like - painting, coasters, trays, etc.!
  4. Post your results and tag @meyspring & @pourgirlart 
  5. Use #GeodeArtChallenge in your caption
  6. Most importantly - Have fun with it!

Need some ideas or inspiration? Check out other artists’ #GeodeArtChallenge results on Instagram!


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We can’t wait to see what you create!

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