Fall colors that go together - Boho Autumn Palette

The coziest season of the year is already here, bringing with it the opportunity to experiment with stimulating color combinations. Whether you're a resin artist, woodworker, jewelry maker, or just looking for beautiful color inspiration, we all have color choices to make this fall. So, to spark your creativity and infuse your art with autumnal feelings, we've crafted fall-themed color palettes inspired by MEYSPRING pigments. 

This article will introduce our first color palette of the season, cover pairing recommendations, and provide practical guidance for those new to creating color combos that leave your audience in awe. Let’s dive in!

What colors are fall colors?

The colors we observe in nature during the autumnal days are determined mainly by the transitioning leaves. It is typical to witness shades like olive green, orange, red, yellow, and brown this time of year as the temperature drops and daylight shortens. Darker, cooler hues like bluish or purplish tones are associated with comfy, dim-lit indoor spaces and chilling sunsets, also regarded as autumnal.

So, to create a truly captivating fall color scheme, it's essential to consider what emotions the color theme should evoke. So, for the first MEYSPRING fall color palette, we aimed to evoke cozy feelings associated with the pre-holiday season while incorporating a bold element that drives attention to the most critical areas in your piece. 

Fall Color Palette of the Week: Boho Autumn

MEYSPRING Boho Autumn Palette


We're excited to introduce the MEYSPRING Boho Autumn color palette! It captures the warmth of the season's foliage with the distinctive hues of:

While contrasting the bittersweet feeling of "Summer's End" with the dark blueish green of:

We carefully selected these MEYSPRING colors to convey those opposing emotions harmoniously, resulting in one-of-a-kind color palette that will resonate with your audience and help you express your creativity this season.

Handpicked colors for compelling Contrast

An early fall trip to the woods would likely reveal many trees that still have deep green, and this color palette speaks to that. Pairing the muted green of Olive Gold with a brighter shade like White Chalcedony can create a stunning contrast while simultaneously bringing the colors together through their golden undertones, which convey some warmth that can be associated with autumn's soft sunlight.

However, the results will be way warmer when pairing Peach Gold and White Chalcedony due to the common golden denominator accentuating their brightness. The difference in value between these two produces a subtle Contrast, but the undertones make us perceive both colors as a remarkable sunshiny area. So be mindful of that when using them next to each other.

Since peachy and olive tones are complementary colors in the color wheel, the Contrast between Peach and Olive Gold is more robust. But again, we have the golden undertones to help us combine these two beautifully. So, we have some room to play around with different proportions and explore potentially striking outcomes.

The boldest color in this palette is the deep and immersive shade of Imperial Emerald. It would serve best as a dominant background color, perfectly complementing the other brighter colors in the palette and allowing them to stand out. When paired with Peach Gold or White Chalcedony, Imperial Emerald creates a strong contrast because of their complementary positions in the color wheel and their polar difference in value, respectively. This darker shade adds a refreshing coolness to the palette and helps balance out warm and cool tones, making it a versatile choice when an emphasis is needed.

What's the 60-30-10 Rule?

When it comes to visual arts and crafts, there's a technique called the 60-30-10 rule that can help artists pair and distribute colors in their palette. The goal is to make it easy for viewers to move their eyes across the artwork and create a balanced and harmonious piece that can be appreciated as a whole.

This rule states that the dominant colors should occupy 60% of the design, the secondary color should occupy 30%, and an accent color should occupy only up to 10% of the layout.

See below an example where we used 60% of the White Calcedony, the greens Olive Gold and Imperial Emerald occupy about 30%, and Peach Gold appears only in 10% of the layout as the accent color.

60-30-10 Rule | Boho Autumn Palette

Why is the 60-30-10 Rule so important?

  • Emphasis on Key Elements: The 60-30-10 rule helps artists and crafters emphasize critical elements in the layouts. The dominant color used in 60% of the format draws attention to large surfaces and establishes the overall mood of the design. The secondary color supports it, covering about 30% of the piece, while the accent color at 10% highlights specific features or parts of the design.
  • Visual Balance: A pleasant preceptive balance is achieved in your artwork when one color or texture does not overpower the others. Applying the 60-30-10 rule guarantees a sense of equilibrium and balance by allocating proportioned percentages to each color.
  • Simplicity and Consistency: A pre-defined color palette with 3-4 established colors (complementary colors for excellent contrast and analogous colors for variety) simplifies the design process. It narrows down your choices and prevents overwhelming combinations of colors.

  • In Summary

    The Boho Autumn Color Palette offers a myriad of possibilities for creating appealing pieces of art infused with striking fall vibes. Achieving subtle or robust Contrast by combining the shades in this palette is straightforward and fun, so you can effortlessly capture the warmth of the season's foliage and the bittersweetness of "Summer's End.” A balanced color selection of warm and cool hues allows for refreshing accents or bright golden highlights. And using the 60-30-10 rule for color distribution will help you guide the viewer's eyes across the layout pleasantly.

    We can’t wait to see what you create with MEYSPRING Boho Autumn Palette! If you’d like to try it out, it’s now available with 20% OFF. See more details below.



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    For your reference, we have added below a geode -inspired layout colored with our Boho Autumn Palette using the 60-30-10 Rule in 3 different distributions. You can pin the infographic below for later use.


    Fall Palette Boho Autumn | 60-30-10 Rule applied to Geode Art

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