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Being a mother brings about significant changes in a woman’s life. Time is divided into various critical tasks, the noise level at home increases, and sleep patterns often suffer, just to mention a few of the challenges. Therefore, in the beginning, the creative drives of most artsy mommas often have to be put on hold or relegated to the backseat so they can prioritize the proper care of their children.

But numerous women have discovered that integrating creative practices while nurturing their children has significantly enhanced their emotional well-being and enriched their lifestyle. They take pride in teaching their children the value of pursuing their dreams and partaking in creative activities that bring them true joy. Some have even realized that immersing in creative endeavors with their kids fosters emotional bonds.

So to celebrate Mother’s Day and highlight the emotional benefits of making art, we are sharing eight candid stories from artist-moms in the MEYSPRING Community on Instagram, featuring their motherhood experience living a creative lifestyle.

Creative Practices | Motherhood and Art

We asked artist-moms in our community the following questions:

  1. What sparked your creative journey?
  2. How your creative practices have impacted your life as a mom?

The answers we received were so fascinating and thrilling that we had to share them all with the rest of the community. So, without delay, here are their replies.

Rosie Kaplan | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“Being a mom is the best thing that could have happened to me, but it's not always easy to balance making time for yourself when you are a mom. So I started my creative journey as a way to escape, to have a space where I could turn off my mind and simply create.

When I decided I could turn my hobby into a business, it was essential to show my kids that even at 40, it's always possible to pivot and pursue your passions. Through my creative journey, I've discovered that I'm capable of achieving more than I ever thought possible. Being a mom and an artist can be challenging, but I've learned the importance of balance and being aware of when I need to step back.

Ultimately, my creative journey has impacted my life as a mom in a positive way. It's helped me to prioritize self-care, find a sense of fulfillment outside my role as a mom, and show my kids that they can pursue their dreams too.

To all the moms out there, you are amazing and capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. It's important to take time for yourself, pursue your passions, and find that balance between being a mom and being you. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms out there!”



Sam Hiegel | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“I first started my art journey when my husband and I were stationed across the country from our families and we're both very close to our families. So I just was really looking for a way to work through my feelings and feel more connected to the people that I was not able to be close to and with some strong encouragement from friends and family. 

I eventually began selling the paintings I was creating, and that sort of evolved into Sam and Sea Artistry. Fast forward a few years later, and we are new parents, and I quickly realized that the courage and tenacity and grace and humility, all of these elements that I found within myself to create my business and to believe that that was something that I was capable of.

That very much applied to motherhood as well. And It's amazing because this morning I was actually packaging up orders and I look down and I, I see my daughter smiling at me. She's my little quality control department. I show her everything that I'm wrapping up. And if I get a nice big smile, I think, ‘man, this customer's really going love what they're going receive in the mail.’

I think the biggest challenge for me so far is wanting to spend all of my time with our little girl, but to keep my dream alive because that's going to impact her life in a really positive way. I look forward to the day where she sees both of her parents achieving these dreams, and setting an example for her that this is absolutely what life is all about.

Parenthood has been an absolute gift and it's brought so much joy to our lives. And I think how lucky I am that I have art right by my side to help me continuously work through the tough days and the incredible days and all of the roller coasters of emotion. And being a mother has just truly impacted my outlook on life and my business and my artwork in the biggest way. I don't think I'll ever be the same ever again, and I'm so, so grateful for that.”



Christina Levi | Artist-mom in the MEYSPRING Community

“I've always been very artistic. I just had a long break after High School because my family started. Returning to school and taking classes I enjoyed brought me back to art. It's something my son and I enjoy doing together; over the years, it's become a full-time gig. 

I love what I do primarily because my schedule is very flexible and I can spend as much time with my son as possible.  Now that he's a teen and going off with his friends, I'm glad we have something to bring us close.”



Brenda Truscott | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community
“My story is a little different as I was 49, and as my kids were grown and I wasn’t running with sports and kids activities, I needed something to do! I started with acrylics and coasters, and it has snowballed from there into resin and woodwork. My daughter now works with me on pieces and add her woodburning art to them; the perfect mother/daughter duo!"



Nadia Fernando Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“My art journey started when I was a child. To have a vision in your mind and be able to make it a reality is an incredibly powerful and satisfying feeling, even if there are a few bumps along the way. 

As a mom of 3 now,  I'm thrilled that all 3 of my kids are very creative and artistic in their own right. I love nurturing their sparks of inspiration and also calming their moments of frustration. Art is a process. It has its ups and downs, like parenthood. I'm fortunate and grateful for all of it.”



Lisa Romatz | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“I have always loved expressing myself artistically and creating things with my hands. Then adulthood, a full-time career, and motherhood filled up my schedule, as it does for most people. 

After the heartbreaking loss of my father, I turned to art again for therapy in a way. And the more I created, the more I felt like I was tapping into my inner child, and this dream I always had of selling art was actually becoming a reality. The best part, I am showing my sons how important it is to go after your dreams and never to lose what lights you up inside. They too have been inspired to express themselves much more creatively, and as a little family, we have bonded and healed together so much over painting, drawing, and just simply creating these past few years.

Having this creative release, tapping into my passion, and being a part of the creative, inclusive maker community has uplifted me and made me a better version of myself. Thank you, MEYSPRING family, for your support and daily inspiration!!!”



Krystal Vasquez | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“My daughter inspired me to continue creating.  Her constant encouragement, help, and ideas impacted my artistic journey. Times I felt like throwing in a project, Isla would be there to see things from a different creative perspective.

My daughter is very artistic and this journey has created room for us to bond. It has also shown her never to stop doing things you love and not to be afraid of taking chances and trying new things.”



Emily Wheeler | Artist-mom of the MEYSPRING Community

“Owning my own business has allowed so much more freedom to do things in life with my kiddos. We have been able to start showing them the world and being able to take my work with us. Having a handmade watercolor business all started from picking painting with acrylics back up after years. And found my way into making watercolors and falling in love with them! In all honesty I owe it all to my fiancé Dylan for giving me the push to get back into painting.  

Seeing my kids learn about colors, taking an interest in making, mixing and mulling has melted my heart. My son at 2 can make them all on his own already! My daughter at 6 makes some of the most unique color combinations that are always stunning. It’s been such a blessing being able to watch them grow and be home with them while running Emily Grace Palettes.”



Final Thoughts

We are incredibly grateful to have so many talented artist-moms as Brand Ambassadors and essential members of our creative community! At MEYSPRING, we genuinely believe practicing creativity enhances one’s emotional well-being, so empowering, cultivating, and facilitating creative moments is the most gratifying part of our mission.

Thank you to all the busy artist-moms that shared their experiences: 

  • Christina Levi
  • Rosie Kaplan
  • Lisa Romatz
  • Nadia Fernando
  • Krystal Vasquez
  • Brenda Truscott
  • Emily Wheeler
  • Sam Heigel

We hope their stories inspire you and others in our community to embrace a creative practice or lifestyle and witness firsthand the joy of creating. Judging by the testimonials in this article, it will also enhance the journey as parents.

If you want to learn some techniques for crafting with MEYSPRING Pigments, we invite you to explore our blog. Topics include making watercolor or coloring acrylic paints with micas, what pigments are suitable for DIY makeup recipes like lip gloss, and even a beginner's guide to resin art. Tag us @meyspring on any social media channel to see what you create.

Finally, we wish you all a Happy Mother's Day in 2023!

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