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We found the Resin of your dreams! Resin Art Flow Epoxy Resin is definitely MEYSPRING Pigments' perfect match; therefore, it will empower your creative journey and healthy lifestyle. In this article, you’ll learn why this is geode artists and woodworkers' favorite resin brand, what makes their products an excellent choice for makers using #MEYSPRINGPIGMENTS, and how this product can enhance your creative process and your overall well-being.

Epoxy Resin and Mica Powders

Resin Art Flow ARTE Kit | 32 oz 


Here is why #MEYSPRING❤️RAF 

The most significant factor that makes this brand stand out is PREMIUM QUALITY! Resin Art Flow is a Canadian brand focused on developing a state-of-the-art epoxy resin made in North America that improves resin artists experiences and makes it easy to get spectacular results. All that while making the entire adventure safer for your overall health. So whether you are a beginner or a savvy artist, making this product a part of your creations will sweeten your experience and increase your productivity. Keep reading to learn more!

Say goodbye to these 5 Resin Art Pain Points

Although epoxy resin is a fascinating medium to experiment with, there are many pain points artists and crafters must deal with. Resin Art Flow has addressed everything from epoxy resin safety to yellowing pieces or disturbing trapped air bubbles. Here is what they offer:

1.- Epoxy Resin Safety

Say Goodbye to VOC! Epoxy Resin's glassy solid finish forms after a chemical reaction between two components: Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B). Unfortunately, most low-quality resin brands carry a high presence of solvents and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are unhealthy to breathe and also known for producing a strong and unpleasant smell. 

All Resin Art Flow epoxy resins are VOC and BPA-Free, so there are fewer concerns for your health when using them. And although these resins have no added artificial smell or masking odors, many artists find the smell less penetrating or annoying.

However, respirator masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and aprons are always recommended to avoid accidents when using epoxy resins and prevent contact with your clothes or the skin. So check out our Epoxy Resin Safety Guidelines to get ready before jumping into action. 


2.- Epoxy Resin Cure Time

Say Goodbye to long-time curing! Most epoxy resins need long hours to fully cure (usually 24-72 hours), which means waiting days and weeks to finish a project. Considering that most resin art pieces require a couple of layers at least, plus a flood coat, productivity gets really affected. Consequentially, anxiety goes up because most creatives can’t wait to get back to their projects and spend long nights yearning to be able to pour the next layer. 

With Resin Art Flow ARTE Kits thoroughly drying in 6-8 hours, artists and crafters significantly increase productivity and don’t have to wait so long to finish a project. So that's a substantial advantage over other brands and a feature that transforms most artists’ workflow. Are you starting to see now why we are in love?

3.- Air Bubbles in Epoxy Resin

Say Goodbye to Pesky Air Bubbles! Most artists struggle to get bubble-free pieces of resin art because mixing Part A and Part B produces a lot of micro air bubbles, and these get trapped in the final piece, usually ruining it. After dedicating so much time and energy to a project, it is incredibly frustrating. 

It turns out resin viscosity plays a significant role in getting impeccable crystal clear results free of trapped air bubbles. Depending on the project type and the resin layers' thickness, you will need high- or low-viscosity resins. High-viscosity resins are better for thin layers like geode art paintings and coasters of about 1 cm since the air bubbles don’t have to travel a long distance to the surface. In contrast, low-viscosity resins are recommended for casting projects and thicker layers, as in river tables, woodworking projects, and intricate molds.  

Luckily, Resin Art Flow has you covered. ARTE resin is specially formulated for pouring thin layers on a canvas or casting shallow objects like coasters in silicone molds and makes it easy to pop the bubbles up by applying a little heat. So having that figured out makes us choose this one over any other resin brand.

4.- Runny Epoxy Resin

Say Goodbye to Unpredicted Designs! Too-liquid epoxy resins make it challenging to get the desired outcome when it comes to paintings like geode art pieces, beachscapes, or abstract resin paintings. The so-called self-leveling property causes some movement of the layers after being poured. So when the resin is too runny, original layouts disappear, color layers merge, and sometimes they even entirely run off the surface—leaving the artists in a constant fixing mode, which makes the process exhausting. On the other hand, they can not get a single piece to look as they’d have designed originally, and that’s frustrating.

RAF has solved that unpleasant pain point by formulating the ARTE kit with the most suitable viscosity level for paintings and thin resin layers, ensuring the pours stay as put as possible and don’t move around freely, deforming your vision and plan. That way, layouts and original designs are way more attainable, giving you almost total control over the outcome. So does it sound good enough to pick the ARTE Kits for resin art paintings? It does, indeed. 

5.- Yellowing Epoxy

Say Goodbye to Disappointing Yellowing Pieces! Direct sunlight exposure and UV rays affect cured resin. Unfortunately, most resin brands lack a top-notch UV filter to avoid resin yellowing and pigment fading over time. As a result, artists find themselves in an endless search for a non-yellowing epoxy resin. But that’s a feature only high-quality resin brands truly focused on customer satisfaction can offer.

RAF’s Premium Epoxy Resin, ARTE, is equipped with a superior UV filter, so its formula is engineered to offer unparalleled yellowing protection over time. Also, all bottles are sealed with nitrogen inside instead of air, which significantly benefits the shelf-life of the resin for at least a year under normal storage conditions, making it very strong against yellowing issues. So here is the ultimate reason to call Resin Art Flow our favorite resin brand.

Final Thoughts

Resin Art Flow products are MEYSPRING Pigments' perfect match. Hence, they are not only fully compatible with our pigment powders but will empower your creative journey and take your artwork to the next level. They are also focused on your safety when working with resin. 

Here are the essential features we considered to proclaim this RAF our favorite resin brand so far:

  • 100% compatibility with MEYSPRING Pigments.
  • Premium Quality Epoxy Resins for Art applications.
  • Say goodbye to nasty fumes, VOCs, pesky air bubbles, long-time curing, too-liquid epoxy resin, and yellowing pieces. 

If you want to learn how to choose the perfect resin type for a specific project, check this article. We discuss the critical resin features needed for each application, so you can easily pick the ideal one depending on your needs.

We hope you try this resin if you haven’t yet and see the incredible results you can achieve with this product and our pigments. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MEYSPRING❤️RAF on social media so we can see what you create and for a chance to be featured on our feeds.



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Hi is this resin suitable for table tops?

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I live in Arizona, so what is the highest temperature it can stand with out melting, or being bendable

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