MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - November 2023

Congrats, Kunst Work Creations!

We’re delighted to introduce you to MEYSPRING’s Artist of the Month for November 2023, Charu Anand of Kunst Work Creations! Charu creates impeccable resin geode and ocean resin art with meticulous and glamorous attention to detail. She now resides in India, teaching and sharing her talents using MEYSPRING Pigments! We’re very grateful to have Charu as part of our phenomenal team of Brand Ambassadors; her unique take and finesse with the epoxy medium inspire us tremendously! 

Charu Anand - MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - November 2023

Meet the Artist

Keep reading to see some of our favorite pieces Charu has made with MEYSRPING Pigments and for our behind-the-scenes Q&A!

Tell us more about yourself!

A fun fact about me is that I’m a certified nutritionist and worked in the wellness industry for 18 years! I have an amazing husband, a daughter, and a son! My daughter is 20 years old and is studying in Minnesota, while my son is a 10-year-old budding athlete!

Besides Resin Art, I love to cook, travel, and celebrate anything and everything!

What inspired you to become an artist?

I did my bachelor’s in textile designing, which led me to my first few art exhibitions in India, which were on stained glass art, pottery art, and calligraphy. I went on to host multiple art exhibitions showcasing my bottle art pieces in the Philippines and was humbled by the outpour of support I got.

I initially started doing resin art at home when I moved to Minnesota to pour my energy into something productive. I soon discovered a deep love for this art medium when people started appreciating it! To me, art is a limitless way to express your thoughts and feelings. I have moved back to India, and my resin art journey continues here! There has never been a better time to express my feelings than now.

How long have you been working with resin?

It’s been almost 5 years I have been creating resin products.

What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments?

I had been trying all sorts of possible pigments on earth and one odd day, I saw MEYSPRING Pigments on Instagram, read the reviews, and ordered. Believe me, they changed the outcome of my products; the sheen, vibrancy, brightness, and smoothness can’t be compared with any other brand.

I haven’t gone back to any other pigment brand ever since!

What is your favorite pigment color or color scheme?

Turquoise Blue is definitely the winner. I love all MEYSPRING blues; they’re so refreshing and full of life!

Where do you find your inspiration or motivation?

I am so inspired by nature! 

I love agates, gemstones, oceans, flowers, leaves, and the flow of colors.

Recreating them through my art gives me a calm feeling and positive energy! For me, the client’s feedback is essential, so I make sure to get my client's review of the product within a month of receiving it. I believe my resin products are beautiful and luxurious, bringing positivity wherever they go.

How much time do you dedicate to your craft? 

Physically, it may be 3-5 hours, but mentally, 24 hours, I even dream of patterns in my sleep.

What are your goals for your artistic journey? 

I love where I am now and want this to keep flowing the same way!

What advice would you like to share with aspiring resin artists?

My advice to all aspiring artists is to be authentic and compete only with yourself!

Don’t let your failures stop you from experimenting more and more in this vast world of resin techniques.


Congratulations again to Charu on winning MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - November 2023!

To see more of Charu’s work, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @kunst_work

Facebook: KnustWork Creations

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