MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - January 2023

Congrats, Paragon Woodworks!

This year, we’re proud to introduce our first Artist of the Month, Dalton Garcia of @paragonwoodworks! He is a Georgia-based Veteran turned woodworker. His craftsmanship and process videos are exceptional, engaging, and elegant. While preferring to keep his personal identity private online, you can easily spot an epoxy resin river table or cheeseboard behind-the-scenes created by him due to its beauty and eye-catching cinematic style.

As one of our Brand Ambassadors, Dalton consistently exceeds expectations with a humble and kind demeanor. We’re genuinely grateful for what he brings to the table for the MEYSPRING Community and look forward to what this year has in store for him.

Dalton Garcia - MEYSPRING Artist of the Month January 2023

Meet the Artist

Continue reading and learn how Dalton got into woodworking, his goals, tips, and more about his creations!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I was born and raised in California and now live in Georgia. I also served in the military and have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

What made you want to become a woodworking artist?

My inspiration to become a woodworker and create a brand centered around it began in 2019. At that time, I had my first look at a custom-built table that a family friend had recently purchased, and I was hooked immediately!

The beauty of the table and the craftsmanship not only inspired me to learn the craft but also opened my eyes to the world of handcrafted products that could serve others. Once 2020 started, I hit the ground running with our branding and online presence and ultimately worked to learn everything there was to be learned about the craft itself. As the year continued, I graduated college and decided to take it full-time!

These past couple of years have been incredible; building relationships with other artists and partnerships with companies like MEYSPRING have been such a privilege.

While we’re nearly three years old at this point, I often say that this is still just the beginning, and I look forward to what the future has in store for us!

What makes/made you choose MEYSPRING pigments?

My focus when choosing a new product like MEYSPRING pigments ultimately came down to the quality of the product and the team/customer service behind it. MEYSPRING, from the start, was very responsive on their social media platforms and always engaged well with myself and fellow artists. This in itself is priceless, and as an artist, it’s great to feel appreciated and connected in this partnership.

What is your favorite pigment color and/or color scheme?

MEYSPRING Charcoal Black and White Pearl from the Two Tone Collection!

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from fellow artists and the customers we serve!

How much time do you dedicate to your craft?

Full-time, every week.

What are your goals for your artistic journey?

My primary goal is to remain authentic in how I showcase my work and build our brand. From building genuine connections with other artists to engaging with more clients, my goal is to always remain humble in this journey and be willing to learn from those that paved the way before me.


What is the most significant "Aha moment" you've had while creating with resin?

This moment for me is actually often. Whether working with small quantities of resin or multiple gallons at a time, it always provides opportunities to discover new techniques as well as methods of mixing pigments together to achieve stunning, custom colors!

What advice, tips, or tricks would you like to share with aspiring resin artists?

Stay the course and be willing to learn every chance you get. No one’s perfected it overnight, so take your time and enjoy the process!


Congratulations again to Dalton on winning MEYSPRING Artist of the Month - January 2023!

To see more of @paragonwoodworks, check out the following pages:

Instagram: @paragonwoodworks

Facebook: Paragon Woodworks



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